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T-ball Rules



The Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules will be adhered to at all times with the following modifications:

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Game Length
Maximum of 4 innings will be played, with the typical game lasting 2-3 innings. The game should be stopped after 90minutes from the designated start time indicated on the schedule. Practice can be the first 15-30 minutes if managers wish.

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Length of an Inning

Each team should bat through the entire order. The last batter’s time at bat can be played as if there are two outs.

Playing Time

Move players around to all positions, but put safety at a priority if a child is unable to play a certain position. Place a coach at First Base for the first couple of weeks. There is a maximum of up to 9 defensive players. Do not put a player at the Catcher position, a fifth infielder can be used in place.

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A tee must be used for each player. Coaches may position a child in the batter's box. The coach or manager should remove the tee after the ball is hit to prevent an accident at home plate.

On-Deck Position

There is no on-deck position, all players have to wait in the dugout before their turn at bat.

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Throwing the Bat

Throwing the bat is not permitted, coaches are encouraged to teach kids early to drop the bat after one or two paces down the 1B line.

All sliding is to be feet first, with no sliding into First Base.

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Defensive Coaches
The defensive team may have two coaches in the field to help position the players and give them direction.

Players are not permitted to wear watches, earrings, chains, etc. anytime during a game.

Players will wear CPLL uniforms supplied by the League (shirts, hats) during a game. No

other hat is permitted to be worn except the CPLL hat issued. Plastic or rubber spikes (no metal) or sneakers are to worn. Coaches should wear CPLL issued hats.

First Aid Kit
At least one first aid hit must be present at the field between the two teams for the game to begin.

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Updated March 2016

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