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Baseball Rookies Rules



The Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules will be adhered to at all times with the following modifications:

Length of an Inning

For the first inning each team should bat through the entire order, meaning 3 or more outs may be recorded during a particular half inning. The last batter’s time at bat will be played as if there are two outs.  For every other inning, standard 3-out innings will apply, or one full turn around the batting order whichever occurs first. Game time will be the shorter of 6 innings played or no new inning will start 1 hour 30min’s from the scheduled start time.

Playing Time
All players will bat with the order remaining fixed. There will be up to 9 defensive players. Free substitution in the field. Managers and coaches should evenly distribute playing time and positions.

Each batter will get a MAXIMUM of 5 pitches from his/her team’s coach or manager (if the 5th pitch is fouled off, one extra pitch will be awarded). This will be umpire enforced.  No strikeouts while a batter is being pitched to. A tee will be used after the 5th pitch where the player will get an additional 3 swings (foul on 3rd swing, another swing is allowed). A coach or manager may position a child in the batter's box. The coach or manager should remove the tee after the ball is hit to prevent an accident at home plate.

Bunting is not allowed.

On-Deck Position
There is no on-deck position, all batters must wait in their dugout.

Coach Pitch Games - The team at bat will be pitched to by their own coach or manager.  Pitchers must throw overhand and it is highly recommended to throw from a knee or seated position. If the ball hits the pitcher it is a fair ball. If the (coach/manager) pitcher catches it, it is replayed.
A player from the defensive team will act as pitcher and must have at least one foot on the pitcher's mound area, and to either side of the manager/coach pitching.

Pitching Machine Games - For games with a pitching machine, only a coach of the hitting team will use the machine.  Any ball that hits the machine is fair. A coach from either side is to be standing next to the machine at all times, during innings and between.  Do not leave the machine unattended  Please use safety and your best judgement where to place the defensive “pitcher” away from the machine.

Infield Fly
The infield fly rule will not be in effect.

Only one base on an overthrow to any base. The runner gets the base they are going to plus one more.

Throwing the Bat
Throwing the bat is not permitted. A player who throws the bat shall be immediately instructed not to do so again.


  • All slides are to be feet first. If any child slides headfirst, they are automatically out.  

  • The children should be taught to slide at close plays to 2nd or 3rd base.

  • The runner must slide on any play at home.

  • No slides reaching 1st base.


Make sure that the equipment fits properly and that the throwing hand is protected behind the catcher's back. A coach will stand off to the side to back up their catcher to speed the game.   If the catcher is on base with two outs, a substitute runner will be placed to allow for the catcher to gear up. In all cases the player who made the last out will be the pinch runner.

Defensive Coaches
The defensive team may have two coaches in the field to help position the players and give them direction.

Play Stoppage

On a ball hit to the outfield, the play is stopped after it reaches an infielder on the infield grass or skin. The runner is entitled to the base they are running to unless a play is made on them. On a ball hit to the infield, the play is over after it is thrown to the pitcher.


Coaches and Managers will assume the duties of umpiring the game, if no umpire is assigned.  


Players are not permitted to wear watches, earrings, chains, etc. anytime during a game.


Players will wear CPLL uniforms supplied by the League (shirts, hats) during a game. No other hat is permitted to be worn except the CPLL hat issued. Plastic or rubber spikes (no metal) or sneakers are to be worn. Coaches should wear CPLL issued hats and shirts.

First Aid Kit

At least one first aid hit must be present at the field between the two teams for the game to begin.

Call Up List

The Rookie Division VP will solely maintain a call up list for players able to play in Minors Division games when requested.  Players on this list will be rotated by the Division VP.

Be Safe and Have Fun!

Updated March 2018

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