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Baseball Minors Rules

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2018 Minors Rules

(New Rules Shaded)

The Little League Baseball 2018 Minor League Official Regulations and Playing Rules will be adhered to at all times with the following modifications:

Minimum Number of Players Forfeiture

A team must have nine (9) players in order to start a game.  Umpires will wait for 15 minutes past the posted start time as it appears in the official CPLL schedule.  

Batting Order

Once the starting lineups are exchanged between the teams, any player showing up to play will be added at the end of the batting order.  The batting order will remain fixed throughout the game.


A team is allowed to substitute freely in the field, except the pitchers position.  A player may exit and re-enter the game without restrictions. Batting order will remain unchanged by field substitutions.  Every effort should be made for players to play the infield and outfield and not be relegated to one area.

Playing Time  The intent of the CPLL Minors division is for player development during the season, and competitive play during the playoffs. The minimum playing time as defined by Little League rules is 2 innings. No player will sit for 2 innings until every other player has sat for at least 1 inning. (Because of pitch counts, an exception can be made for the starting pitcher, and for injuries during a game)


There will be no taunting of the pitcher/catcher to throw between pitches as we do not want to delay the game.  There is no limit to the number of steals allowed in an inning or in a game, except that the number of steals to home plate will be limited to two (2) successful attempts per inning.  Managers will track this information and will advise the umpires when the second home steal of the inning has occurred. A steal of home is considered if that runner started at third base with the pitch. (an attempted steal of third base with an overthrow at third is not a steal of home)    

The ball is "live" at all other times unless the umpire grants time out.

Non-Playoff Games - No stealing of home on catcher throws back to pitcher after a pitch.  (stealing allowed on passed balls or wild pitches at the catcher)


Little League pitch count rules will be utilized.  Each team shall designate one manager or coach to count pitches for his team.  Each designated manager will confirm with the opposing pitch count manager the number of pitches thrown at the end of each inning.  Each manager shall be responsible to maintain a pitch count chart for his team and shall produce the same for inspection at the request of the opposing manager or umpire in chief in the event any question should arise regarding the eligibility of a player to pitch on a given day.  

Pitchers may not wear gray or white sweatshirts underneath their uniforms.  Batting gloves may not be worn by a pitcher inside the player’s glove.

Once a pitcher is removed from a game, he/she may not re-enter the game as pitcher.

Only days rest will apply to pitchers based upon the number of pitches thrown as per little league rules.

Any player who throws 41 pitches or more in a game may not play the position of catcher the remainder of the day.

CPLL does not allow Intentional Walks of any batter at any time.

Pitch Count

LL Age

Pitches Per Day

Pitches Per Inning

11 to 12



9 to 10



8 or younger



Exception: If a pitcher reaches the limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs: 1. That batter reaches base; 2. That batter is put out; 3. The third out is made to complete the half-inning.

Pitchers must adhere to the following rest requirements:

  • If a player pitches 66 or more pitches in a day, four (4) calendar days of rest.

  • If a player pitches 51 - 65 pitches in a day, three (3) calendar days of rest.

  • If a player pitches 36 - 50 pitches in a day, two (2) calendar days of rest must be observed.

  • If a player pitches 21-35 pitches in a day, one (1) calendar day of rest is required.

Regardless of pitch counts, no pitcher shall pitch in three (3) consecutive days

Coach Pitch

For the month of April and to be extended at the Division VP’s sole discretion, once a batter reaches a count of 4 balls an offensive coach comes into finish the At Bat.  The strike count remains the same. The batter only has 4 pitches to either put the ball in play or be put out. The batter can be called out on strikes by the umpire. (looking or swinging)  If the 4th pitch is fouled off, a 5th is granted. (and can be continued only on another foul ball)

Hit By Pitch

A pitcher will have to be removed if he/she hits two batters in any one inning or three batters over a single game. A HBP is determined by the umpire.  The relieving pitcher will be given as many warm up pitches as they need to get ready.


CPLL League officials will make every effort to notify managers prior to the game if weather forces a postponement.  Managers should go to the league website to learn of about cancellations. If managers are unsure, they must report to the game field assigned.  Umpires will decide the field is in playable condition.

Infield Fly Rule

The Infield Fly rule will be in effect for all games.  (per the Little League definition of the Infield Fly)


There is no limit to the number of bunts allowed in an inning or a game.  Standard Little League rules apply (i.e., bunting a ball in foul territory with two strikes constitutes an out).  If the Bunt Stance is assumed, the batter may not fake and then swing away. If the Bunt Stance is assumed and the batter pulls back, the determination of the pitch being a ball or strike will be left to the umpire.


Catchers must wear a hard protective cup.  Any player warming up the pitcher (on or off the field) must wear a catcher’s mask.  Coaches have the option of wearing a mask while warming up a pitcher.


The ball is live on all overthrows in a fenced in field, and there is no limit to the number of bases that a runner can attempt.  In a field without a sideline fence, the umpire will call the play dead. It is at the sole discretion of the umpire to call the play dead.  If the play is called dead, the runner gets the base headed to plus 1 more.

Pinch Runners

With two (2) outs in an inning, a manager has the option of pinch running for the catcher.  Pinch runners may also be used for an injured player. In all cases, the player who made the last batted out will be the pinch runner.

On-Deck Position

There is no batter on deck position.  The batter will go directly from the dugout or bench to the batter’s box.

Managers/Coaches on the Bench

A manager or coach must remain with each team in the dugout or on the bench at all times.  An exception is made for conferences with pitchers and catchers at the sidelines.

5 Run Rule/10-Run Rule

There is a five run max rule per inning.  In the 6th inning there is no max per inning for runs scored, for either team.  This will allow a team to always remain in the game. Regardless, if a team is losing by 10 runs or more after 4 innings of play then the game is called.

Field Preparation

At forty (40) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game, the home team will have the field exclusively for its own use for fifteen (15) minutes.  The visiting team will have the field for 15 minutes after the home team is done. This will leave 10 minutes for the home team to prep the field and then exchange lineup cards.  This does not apply if there is a game prior to your game. In this case, find a safe place to warm up and do not interfere with the game in progress.


Players are not permitted to wear any type of jewelry during the game.


Players will wear CPLL uniforms supplied by the League (shirts, hat, and socks) during a game.  No other hat is permitted to be worn except the issued hat. Plastic or rubber spikes or sneakers are to be worn.  No metal spikes are allowed. Coaches should wear CPLL issued hats and shirt.

First Aid Kits

At least one (1) First Aid Kit must be present between the two teams for a game to begin.  First Aid Kits must be at all practices. Keep Kits in the dugouts at all times in a place that is easily located.

Communicable Disease

Any player sustaining an injury that results in an open wound must have that wound covered and all bleeding must be stopped prior to returning to the game.  Excessive blood on the uniform will necessitate removal of the uniform. A player may return to the game with a suitable tee shirt or sweatpants. No shorts will be allowed.


All runners are required to slide into a base they are attempting to reach if a play is being made on the runner.  First base is an exception. A runner who slides headfirst when advancing to the next base will be called out. This does not apply if a runner is returning to a base from a rundown or pick-off situation.

Game Duration

Weeknights - Games will be up to 1hr 30mins, with no inning starting after 1hr 15mins.

Weekends – Games will be up to 2hrs, with no inning starting after 1hr 40mins.

Regulation Games

If a game is called before it has become a regulation game, but after one or more innings have been played, it shall be resumed where it was called.  All records, including pitching, will be counted. A game that is called before one full inning is completed will be declared a no-contest. In this case, all records, including pitching, will be discarded.


All bats must be approved and have the new 2018 USA Baseball sticker A list of approved and licensed composite bats can be found on the Little League website and at


Contact the Equipment manager if equipment is broken, missing, or needs to be replaced.

Rookie Call Ups

The Rookie Division Head will keep a list of available players in case of a call up need.  If a Minors Manager is in need of a player for a game, he must reach out to the Rookie Division Head ahead of the game to request the next available player.   The Rookie Division Head will rotate all available players through, for a single Minors game at a time. Players remain on their Rookies roster, even able to play on both teams in a day if they choose.


  • Weeknight and Weekend games will be up to 2hrs in time length, except as below.

  • The 5-run rule and 10-run rule still apply, but any inning that starts once 1hr and 40 minutes have passed from the Declared Start of Play (by Umpire) will be the final inning played.  (unlimited runs allowed for both sides)

  • No extra innings, except Championship.

  • Playoff seeding, including Home Team, will be monitored by Division Head by record and Runs Against Average as tiebreaker. (per inning)

  • Championship Game will not have a time limit.

Revised March 2018

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