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CPLL Parent Code of Conduct

As a CPLL Parent: 

(1) I will strive to be knowledgeable of the game of Little League Baseball and Softball. 

(2) I will be supportive in every way possible. I will bring and collect my child on time for practices 
and games. I will let the coach know on a timely basis if they cannot attend. I will ensure that proper 
adult supervision is present at all practices and games before leaving the facilities. 

(3) I will ensure that I provide my emergency contact information and my children’s medical release 
form to the manager and coaches before the season begins. 

(4) I will attend games and support all players in a positive manner. I will find ways to compliment 
and encourage all the players during games. 

(5) I will show patience and respect to players, managers, coaches, umpires, other spectators and the 
property of others. I will teach my family to be respectful. I will clean up litter and other discards 
before leaving the field. 

(6) I will focus on good nutrition for my child and prepare healthy snacks and refreshments when 

(7) I will set the standard for sportsmanship. I will always remain calm and have good manners. I 
will tolerate mistakes. I will refrain from loud or offensive remarks. 

(8) I will support the manager’s coach’s and umpire’s decisions, even if I disagree with them or if I 
do not completely understand them. I will set a strong example of sportsmanship and decorum for my 

(9) I will provide a sports environment that is free of profanity, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and I will 
refrain from their use at all sports events. 

(10) I will keep winning and losing in proper perspective and encourage my children to put forth 
their maximum effort without regard for results. I will place the emotional and physical well-being of 
all players ahead of any personal desire to win. I will remember that I am a youth sports parent and 
that the game is for the children and not for the adults. 

I understand that if I am unable to follow the expectations described above and the adopted CPLL 
Code of Conduct I will be disciplined in accordance with the CPLL bylaws.

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