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Attention: new Volunteer signup procedure

We are using a new system this year for volunteering. The good news is that it will allow you more flexibility. You will be able to not only volunteer when it is convenient for you but it will also allow you to sign up with friends!! In addition, you will automatically get a reminder email two days before your assigned date.

Having said that, the only way we will be able to use this new system is if you sign up. Sign ups are on a first come, first served basis, so it is to your benefit to secure your spot NOW!

Just a few important things to remember about signing up:

  • Once you choose a date, you MUST email me to make any changes. If you have a last minute emergency, then you must call my cell phone to let me know (contact info below)
  • Please enter your phone number. When entering your phone number on the volunteer website, please enter the best number to reach you during your scheduled shift time.
  • You must volunteer for two shifts this year. If the concession stand is not your thing, donít forget you can sign up for Photo Day (5/12), the Golf Outing (5/21) and helping prep the fields at community park on Saturday mornings.I will be opening up the first half of the season for now. When that has been filled, I will open up the rest of the dates.
  • All families must volunteer. The ONLY exemptions are board members and managers.
A follow up email with information about your volunteer responsibilities will be sent at a later time. If you have ANY questions or concerns, you can email Andrea Rona at To sign up, click the image above or here

REMEMBER... The concession stand is our biggest fundraiser and we canít run it without YOU!! Please do your part and sign up NOW!!