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Welcome to CPLL's website!

Welcome to the CPLL website, home of Cranbury-Plainsboro Little League.

We provide Little League programs for ages 6-13 including Baseball, Softball and T-ball. CPLL is a member league of NJ District 12.



The WWLL/CPLL 11U girls are State Champions after beating Elmer LL 9-6 in Secaucus on Sunday afternoon.  The girls went ahead early but fought off an Elmer comeback that closed the lead to 7-6 going into the 6th inning.  WWLL/CPLL added 2 more runs in the top of the 6th and, and the defense shut it down 1-2-3 in the bottom half to take home the banner.   Kate Kelly pitched very well in the win along with 4 RBI’s, with great defense behind her and RBI’s from Kaitlyn St. Amour (4-for-4), Kaleigh McCarron, Emily Matcham, Allie Rome and Kate Liggio as part of an 11-hit afternoon. 

The All Star team included CPLL's Sophia D'Ovidio, Kate Kelly, Kate Liggio, Emily Matcham and Kylee Tucholski with WWLL's Olivia Bernheisel, Maddie Holmes, Lauren Killackey, Christina Kim, Kaity Mattia, Kaleigh McCarron, Allie Rome and Kaitlyn St. Amour.  The girls were led by manager Karen Kelly and coached by Paul St. Amour and Ray Tucholski.

Congratulation girls and coaches, well done!!!!

by posted 08/11/2014
CPLL All Stars


12U & 50/70 – South Brunswick Summer Classic

  • 7/10 – CPLL wins 8-3 over RBI/J.Russo (E.Brunswick)

  • 7/16 – CPLL loses 6-8 to So. Brunswick

  • 7/19 – CPLL loses 1-4 to Langan

  • 7/21 – CPLL loses 10-0 to Monroe, 5:45pm


10U’s – District Tournament

  • 6/26 – CPLL wins 16-6 over Florence

  • 6/27 – CPLL wins 13-8 over West End

  • 7/1 – CPLL loses 10-6 to Nottingham

  • 7/4 – CPLL loses 20-2 to Robbinsville


Late 10’s Tournament at West End Little League begins 7/11

  • 7/12 – CPLL loses 9-2 to HTRBA

  • 7/19 – CPLL wins 13-3 over Lawrence

  • 7/20 – CPLL wins 6-4 over Bordentown

  • 7/21 – CPLL wins 20-2 over West End

  • 7/22 – CPLL loses 10-0 to Sunnybrae

Congrats to the 10’s on their 4th place finish


9U’s – Early 9’s Tournament at West End Little League begins 7/2

  • 7/2 – CPLL wins 20-3 over Sunnybrae

  • 7/5 – CPLL wins 13-0 over Robbinsville (Gold)

  • 7/11 – CPLL loses 11-3 to Lawrence

  • 7/13 – CPLL loses 12-11 to West End


Late 9’s Tournament at West Windsor Little League begins 7/17

  • 7/17 – CPLL wins 1-0 over Sunnybrae

  • 7/19 – CPLL wins 8-1 over Bordentown

  • 7/24 – CPLL loses 4-1 to Nottingham

  • 7/26 – CPLL loses 7-6 to Robbinsville


8U’s – Late 8’s Tournament at West Windsor Little League (Ward Fields) begins 7/11

  • 7/11 – CPLL loses 14-0 to Ewing

  • 7/12 – CPLL loses 12-4 to Lawrence (Black)

  • 7/16 – CPLL loses 11-3 to Sunnybrae (Blue)

  • 7/20 – CPLL loses 12-0 to HTRBA


7U’s – Late 7’s Tournament at Six-Eleven Little League begins 7/12

  • 7/12 – CPLL wins 17-11 over Robbinsville (Gold)

  • 7/13 – CPLL wins 21-0 over Six-Eleven

  • 7/19 – CPLL wins 20-3 over Robbinsville (White)

  • 7/20 – CPLL loses 16-13 to Nottingham



Softball (Combined WWLL-CPLL teams):


12U’s – District Tournament;

  • 6/20 – WWLL/CPLL wins 15-0 over Lawrence

  • 6/24 – WWLL/CPLL losses 11-0 to Robbinsville

  • 6/25 – WWLL/CPLL losses 2-1 to East Windsor.


11U’s – WWLL/CPLL named District 12 representatives

Section 3 Tournament played at W.Windsor Little League

  • 7/27 – WWLL/CPLL wins 9-1 over Manchester

  • 7/28 – WWLL/CPLL wins 11-2 over Manchester

Congratulations WWLL/CPLL 11U Section 3 Champions!

State Championship played in Secaucus, NJ

  • 8/8 – WWLL/CPLL wins 14-1 over Rockaway Borough LL

  • 8/10 – WWLL/CPLL wins 9-6 over Elmer LL

Congratulations WWLL/CPLL 11U NJ State Champions!


10U’s – District Tournament

  • 7/1 – WWLL/CPLL loses 8-1 to Robbinsville

  • 7/2 – WWLL/CPLL wins 2-0 over Florence

  • 7/8 – WWLL/CPLL loses 4-2 to Robbinsville


9U’s – Congratulations to the 9U All Star team for taking second place at the Bordentown tournament.  The girls put on a tremendous effort in a hard fought/nail biting extra-innings (8-innings) battle before falling with a final score of 7-9.


8U’s – WWLL/CPLL fielded 3 teams in the Florence Summer Slam 8U Tournament, with WWLL/CPLL Team Black winning the championship over East Windsor 10-9 to complete a 4-0 run over the week. All WWLL/CPLL Teams (Team Green, Team Gold and Team Black) played great over the week.


The WWLL/CPLL Team Black went on to place 2nd in the Carole Yeager-Ellis Tournament in PA last week with a 5-1 record.


by posted 07/05/2014
Congratulations to our Majors and Minors 2014 Champions


Majors – Z Enterprise Phillies

The Z Enterprise Phillies captured an 11-7 win over the Dr. Spielman Family Dentistry Mets to claim the Majors division championship.

The Phillies jumped out to an early 4-0 lead behind Jack McCarthy, Tucker Zullo, Sameer Joshi, Brendan Coffee, and Hayden Nichols. The lead inched to 5-1 before the Mets later tied it up behind runs from Drew Santa Maria, Will Piepszak, Logan Maggiacomo, Jake Bornstein, and Alex Lodise to square it at 6-6.
Then it was the Phillies turn to come back strong, with five runs in the top of the sixth inning capped with a base clearing double by Nichols. Other members of the Z Enterprise Phillies include Hari Kumaresan, Sean Murray, Chad Babar, Mike Brown, and Cameron Meola. The Z Enterprise Phillies are sponsored by Pete Zanghi.



Minors – Knights of Columbus Bulls

The Bulls fought off the Diamond Kings Blue Wahoos for a 9-1 win.   Superb starting pitching by Kenny Schiavone for the Bulls and Connor McDowell for the Blue Wahoos kept this game tight through 3 innings.   Josh Bissette came on in relief for the Bulls, and also provided key hits along with Evan Kohut, James Bottiglieri, Jack Liggio, Eddie & Eric Margadonna.  The Bulls are rounded out by Jackson Dowling, Matthew Frenia & Amari Macklin.





Majors – Congratulations to the CMMF Lightning


Minors – Congratulations to the Gentle Healing Spa Wolverines

by posted 07/05/2014
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